20 Daily Words of Encouragement


 We all have days when we feel down, off colour or despondent. When this happens, we can choose to stay there or to change the way we feel. One way to feel more positive is to use daily words of encouragement and strength such as the ones that follow in order to find inner tranquility and calm:
 1. Find the love, peace and gratitude in everything you do
 2. Develop and maintain for as long as possible the states of love, gratitude, fascination and interest
 3. If you can accept that you are where you need to be in this moment, and that there is something valuable for you to learn, every experience becomes a gift
4. Encourage yourself to free yourself up from the judgements of others. When you no longer need the approval of others, you can be who you are, function at your best and reach your life goals
5. All the answers you'll ever need are within you or around you
6. Neutralise your self-consciousness by externalising your awareness and focusing 100% on what is going on around you
7. There is no-one in the world exactly like you. There never has been and there never will be. So celebrate your uniqueness every day
8. We are all fallible, but we are also all great in our own unique way. In what way are you great?
9. What is the magic that you bring to the world? Why is the world a better place now that you're in it?
10. You have a unique set of skills, talents and abilities that represent your unique gift. What's your unique gift? How can you bring it to the world?
11. You can always choose to approach any new situation with confidence
12. You are a deserving, worthwhile person, who always does the best you can given the person you are today
13. Your best is always good enough
14. Always remember that life is a gift, time is precious and there is always someone worse off than you
15. Nothing stays the same. Therefore change is an opportunity for you to grow and excel
16. There is no dilemma that you are facing that has not been faced and overcome by someone else
17. Stumbling blocks are simply an indication that there is something you need to do or know. Ask for long enough how you get beyond the stumbling block and your question will be answered
18. Choose to enjoy the experience of life
19. Believe always that you have the power to positively influence those around you by what you think, say and do
20. Time goes by in a heartbeat, so treasure every moment of every day
Use these daily words of encouragement and strength to build yourself up every day. There is sufficient negativity in the world, so if we can motivate ourselves each day we give ourselves the strength to motivate those around us.
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