The Fifth Language


 Once upon a time many years ago, I was working through exercises in the book, The Artist's Way. One of the most powerful of these is The Artist's Date, a weekly splurge of absolute fun and creativity with no expectations of results or productivity.
For this particular date I had chosen to take myself and my camera up into the Olympic Mountains to photograph a beautiful little rivulet that cascaded down the mountainside. It was a beautiful sunny day in early Spring with dibs and dabs of snow still lying around at the lower elevations. This snow was the type known as "corn snow" by those who spend lots of time in the upper altitudes of our mountains. It's granular, made so by numerous thaw/freeze cycles and would add extra sparkle to my photos.
I began my photographic sojourn just footsteps from where I parked my truck on a logging road. Every step up the mountainside brought new images of delicate waterfalls framed by crusty, glistening snow.
It was when I was about a quarter mile up the mountain when a single word suddenly came screaming into my head: COUGAR! I glanced around and saw none, so pooh-poohed the incident. However, as I continued upward a sensation of unusual wariness came over me and I began to feel ill-at-ease. The word "cougar" kept repeating itself in my mind. The further I went upward, the stronger this whole experience became. Finally, it got so strong I was almost into a full-blown fear.
At this point my Reptilian Brain kicked into gear and I chose "flight" as the best option. Quickly I made my way back down the mountainside, noticing that the sensation of fear lessened with each step. When I was back at the logging road the feeling had completely diminished.
Not willing to quit my Artist's Date so quickly, I decided that if I stayed on the logging road I'd be perfectly safe. So I walked up the road to a bend where I knew there were beautiful mountain vistas. After happily taking several photos, I turned to go back to my truck, and glanced down at the snow and ice-packed ruts in the road by my feet. There were BIG CAT PRINTS in the snow just a few feet behind where I had been standing. There were granules of snow in the bottoms of the prints, indicating that the cat had been there recently. Very recently. Like minutes or even seconds. Otherwise the warm sun would have melted the granules. YIKES!
I walked very quickly back to my truck, jumped in, slammed the doors and punched the door locks down. As soon as I stopped shaking, I drove home.
That cougar sent me it's warning message via the Fifth Language.
You're familiar with the other four:
  • the spoken word
  • the written word
  • body language
  • images and pictures
The Fifth Language is sometimes called "telepathy". Although telepathy is considered a means of transmitting words through some mysterious mental process, there's actually much more to it.
Because the Fifth Language is of a much higher and more subtle vibration than sound or physical means of communication, it can include other additional higher vibrational energies. Communication via the Fifth Language can also carry the energy of emotions and inner visions. These energies fill the aura, or energy field that surrounds the person... or the animal. When another enters this energy field, they become the recipients of those energies.
For example, the message I received from that cougar included the emotion of fear plus the image of her being very fierce and frighteningly dangerous. She was using her aura as the medium to transmit her warning to me and any others who might encroach on her territory. Sort of like a force field.
Since that experience, I've had other similar experiences with animals in the wild and have learned to "turn on" my receiver before I enter their world. By doing so, I'm fully aware other's energies so I don't blunder into an animal's territory and endanger myself.
This practice also allows me to sense and see animals that other people aren't aware of. For example, at one point on one walk in a park along a river, I sensed deer. I stopped and looked around. There, just a few feet from the trail was a beautiful doe. None of the other people on the trail noticed her. They were walking right by her, oblivious to her presence, their Fifth Language communicators turned off.
The Fifth Language also serves to give greater awareness and valuable information in any situation, anywhere. Not just in the wild.
As you go about your day, notice how you feel before you talk to someone, go into a meeting, enter a building, or walk into a different room. Then after you enter the energy of that place or person, notice how you feel and what your thoughts are about. The information that comes from the Fifth Language can serve you well... if you tune into it.
Kathy Wilson helps people get their life unstuck using a multi-faceted approach. She and her clients utilize life coaching, spiritual consulting, NLP, vibrational healing, and teaching... whatever is in her client's highest and best interests. She's a Certified Professional Coach, spiritual teacher, Reiki master, vibrational healer, and author of An Inner Journey: Living Your Life Purpose. For information about her products, services, and classes, visit her website:
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