The Stress of Lost Desire

 Did you know that you can feel stress from not living your true desires and dreams? This is a kind of subconscious energy sucker that robs you of your life force. Deep down inside you know what you truly want and if you don't act on it, your life force withers until you feel like a shadow of your true self.
To identify if this might be happening to you, you can ask yourself a few questions:
What do I truly desire? (We're talking soul desires, the kind of desire that expresses who you are, your authentic self.)
What is my purpose in being here now?
What am I excited about doing today?
You might think that knowing what you want would be obvious, but for several reasons this can be a real challenge. Why is that? In my experience working with clients (and myself) I've uncovered at least three reasons.
First, you might be swamped with things to do, many of which you feel are obligations. Most of your time and energy may be spent doing what you "have to do." You may not have time or energy in reserve to consider what you truly want. You may not have allowed space in your life or given yourself permission to consider what authenticity means to you.
Second, when you are not in the habit of checking in with what you truly desire, you may lose touch with it. In fact, you may lose touch with your feelings in general. You may become somewhat numb to what is going on inside. In our busy and noisy culture, we have to block many things out so we can get through the day. We may get used to blocking out our deeper feelings and desires.
Finally, we may say we don't know what we truly want, when deep down inside we really do know. However, if we would admit it, if we would say it, we would feel pressure to do something about it. That might mean changing what we're doing. Change becomes another stressor.
When we say what we truly want, we feel a responsibility to go for it. If we're feeling overwhelmed already, saying that we don't know what we want keeps that pressure at bay. If I don't know what I want, then I can just keep doing what I have to do. Then, rather than feeling bad about not living my true desires, I just feel numb.
One thing I've found helpful is to think of doing just a little of what I truly desire every day. It doesn't have to take a lot of time or energy. It doesn't have to take away from all the other things on my To Do List. Just act on what deeply interests you at some point every day.
A second thing is to notice how my true desires relate to what is happening around me right now. Desire and purpose don't have to be huge overwhelming considerations. They can be as simple as paying attention to what is right in front of you. Do you see a need that you can fulfill? Is there someone you can assist right where you are given your interests, talents, and resources? Your true soul desires and service to others are inextricably linked.
As you take time to consider what you desire, what you have to offer, and how this serves others, you'll begin to tap into inspiration that is waiting for you inside. You'll dive under the surface of your life stresses to discover a source of energy that will lift you up. In the process, you'll find that spark of authenticity and purpose that makes your former stresses fade to the background.
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Kevin Schoeninger graduated from Villanova University in 1986 with a Master's Degree in Philosophy. He is certified as a Reiki Master Teacher, Qigong Meditation Instructor, and Personal Fitness Trainer.
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